Welcome to SuperByte

Our technology helps the world’s leading corporations to integrate and automate their entire portfolio, creating epic visibility, seamless workflows and super-efficient operations.


Step into the future of corporate real estate management

Wherever you are in the world, our powerful platform is designed to radically improve the way your organisational assets are managed - from occupancy, workflow, data and project management to employee experience monitoring and administration.

The Benefits

The SuperByte platform is proven to deliver quantifiable efficiency gains across multiple aspects of real estate operations and service delivery. SuperByte adds value to existing RE systems of record and allows clients to maximize their current technology investments.

Empowering the World's Leading Corporations

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Cowork Nhs Diageo Ge Greenpeace Honeywell Hsbc Fidelity Bny

About Us

SuperByte is a diverse collective of some of the brightest minds in prop-tech. Our team brings together designers, creatives and developers, working remotely and from our HQ in a highly agile environment.


From our historic base (in what’s rumoured to be Darwin’s former bedroom!), we pioneer creative, intelligent and disruptive software packages which empower corporations to seamlessly manage their operations.


The SuperByte Experience

SuperByte’s systems focus on people, processes and performance.

The People

    - Centralize communications.
    - Automate tasks, reminders, and approvals.
    - Increase resource efficiency and accountability.

The Process

    - Digitize and document best practices.
    - Enable process improvement and process enforcement.
    - Facilitate global standardization.

The Performance

    - Implement portfolio performance management and metrics tracking.
    - Program, project and service delivery audits/historical reporting.
    - Streamline data collection and standardization.