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Become a SuperAgent...

Introducing our network of SuperByte, SuperAgents... Work with us to Collaborate on our latest platform features, support clients and develop new business opportunities. We're already working with Designers, Architects, Workplace Consultants and data analysts, come join our team.

Community Chat goes live...

Our new platform feature ‘Community Chat’ is now up and running, before we built the SuperByte platform we’d worked on one off communication devices to support Change Management in the workplace. It’s been in development for some time, we now have the new feature up and running and will be launching for a new client soon.


We’re now officially a .com start up, when Chris Moss ( worked with us to develop our new name we set up, we’ve since had the opportunity to purchase the domain to support our future global domination of workspace IWMS platforms.

Dublin trip...

The SuperByte team were treated to a tour around the Guinness Store house, in Dublin today. Thanks to our long term client Diageo we combined hand over of a major phase of work on the Diageo platform with a private tour of this historic site... Cheers Diageo!

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