Helping you to reopen your work space

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Reopen your work space with openspace

The impact of COVID-19 has been profound, and the route to business recovery and workplace return is a new challenge for us all.

Helping companies

To help companies navigate these changes, SuperByte have developed this platform as a critical tool for occupiers of office space and landlords who manage their own work buildings.

Working closely with our clients and the SuperAgent network, SuperByte have pooled our expertise to create this holistic support platform to help workplace managers bring their teams safely back on site.

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Cloud platform designed to support workplace

Improve global communications

Gather and share information between multi-site teams and departments from one dashboard, keeping content in one place.

Improve user interaction

Our highly responsive portal presents visual, graphical information and clearly defined datasets, making it easy to update on multiple devices.

Improve operational efficiency

View and measure data on everything from team performance to real estate assets to make evidence-based decisions and improve efficiency.

Improve data ownership

The central platform keeps all your data in one place, ensuring you maintain full ownership without it being stored by third party providers.

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Step by step process

Follow our six-step process for getting your workforce back into the office.

These processes use a rich library of workplace tools and resources to help Real Estate teams re-introduce staff to the office, adjust spacial design for optimum hygiene and social distancing, implement and manage new protocols and support staff wellbeing post COVID-19.

Essential workplace tools

Access online management tools, resources and templates to support a connected and standardised approach as you navigate the new workplace.

The platform comes with our preconfigured library that can be edited and adapted to each clients specific requirements.

Upgrade and integrate with your other Real Estate platforms and databases (including seamless integration to the SuperByte platform).

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Your complete back to work platform


As the post-pandemic workplace evolves, we'll continue to update and build on the experience, guidance, protocols and tools that we've developed for and with our clients.