"Its genius is in holding the interests of the user through its interaction and intuitive design giving control over to the user to ‘surf’ the subject at their pace and direction."


Fidelity international used the portal primarily to support its global design guide and introduce standardisation across the design process.

The platform is currently used as a central point of reference and to hold information and resource on live projects.

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The portal’s additional Projects and Resources feature support day-to-day activity for major projects across the bank’s sites.

Modules in use include: Portal – Design Guide – Tools & Resource – FAQs – Sites – Dashboard.


The content management system enables Fidelity in-house team to keep the portal content upto date as new content is developed off the back of live projects. The Administration ‘new user invite’ means access to portal and specific individual live projects resource can be set up quickly without needing any technical support.

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