Supercharge your workspaces

Our highly intuitive and fully scalable cloud-based software captures and connects multiple streams of workplace and real estate information - including staff profiles, building occupancy, finances, operational metrics, brand and design guidelines, projects, teams, assets and much more.

Its powerful interface allows multi-site teams anywhere in the world to gather and share critical data to centralise processes and improve operational efficiency - and because the platform captures data at source, it mitigates errors and enables quick access to workspace information.

Super benefits

Improve global communications

Gather and share information between multi-site teams and departments from one dashboard, keeping content in one place.

Improve user interaction

Our highly responsive portal presents visual, graphical information and clearly defined datasets, making it easy to update on multiple devices.

Improve operational efficiency

View and measure data on everything from team performance to real estate assets to make evidence-based decisions and improve efficiency.

Improve data ownership

The central platform keeps all your data in one place, ensuring you maintain full ownership without it being stored by third party providers.

The platform can be configured and branded to reflect specific client requirements, right down to your preferred terminology – so that it looks and feels like an in-house programme.

Super features

Our library of tools can be configured to suit workplace and real estate team needs, supporting global portfolio management and enabling 'at site' teams deliver local projects from one hub.

Portal icon

Comms portal

One central point for all real estate engagement, from vision to delivery.

2reflow icon


Efficiently manage multiple project types, from data collection to site moves.

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Interpret key portfolio metrics and get user action guidance using AI.

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Global sites

Get an interactive view of critical data across multiple global sites.

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Micro Sites

Templated micro sites to support local project delivery.

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CMS Process

Build from scratch or set up standard workplace processes, then edit.

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View search-driven FAQs for specific sections of the platform.

Comms chat

Community chat

Support your virtual community communications.

Training icon


Rapidly on-board global teams to learn and deliver projects.

Resource icon


Easily share project files to avoid large emails between teams.

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Launch site-specific pre and post surveys with automated reports.

Lease icon

Lease and tenure

Monitor and compare re-lease performance and triggers.

Notify icon


Create key notification triggers from multiple reflows.

Case study icon

Case Studies

Build up a case study quickly within the portal platform.

Super standards

Our clients are increasingly required to provide tools to support local estates delivery. SuperByte’s Reflow feature was developed to ensure global or national delivery processes are carried out to agreed company standards.

Reflow takes a local delivery team through a step-by-step process, giving the global admin team an overview of active projects and workflows with dynamic project status. Reflow can be bolted onto our platform or launched as a stand-alone app, branded and adapted to suit client requirements.

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Superbyte 06

Super accuracy

Our platform lets teams easily automate tasks and functions to significantly reduce traditional error- prone process steps, as well as allowing picture uploads from sites or reviewing site-specific resources using a mobile device.

SuperByte can provide comprehensive development and consultancy support to our clients as needed, enabling them to take full advantage of adopting an efficient, digital cloud-based platform.

Super insights

Administration teams, managers, real estate teams and other end users benefit from a dynamic view and easy interactions with the data, projects and processes held on the platform.

Its wide view of critical real estate related information brings together multiple data feeds to provide C-Suite and Management with a dynamic insight into portfolio sites, conditions and projects.

Real Estate MIS platform

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